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Trans Rights Are Human Rights - Screen Print

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Introducing our exclusive Trans Rights Are Human Rights book page print, a distinct piece in a collection that celebrates human rights. This eye-catching artwork conveys a strong message, screen printed with bold black ink and a harmonious blend of blue and pink tones on a repurposed book page, kindly provided by a transgender girl.

Delight in the superior quality of this 5" x 8" print, masterfully crafted by the skilled artist FOX at the legendary Ink Spot Press. Each piece features the artist's signature and is printed on upcycled pages from a specific author's works, guaranteeing a truly unique appearance.

By purchasing this print, you not only champion eco-friendly art but also receive a durable plastic sleeve to protect and preserve your print. Furthermore, 50% of the profits are directly donated to My Genderation CIC (a non-profit organisation), allowing you to actively support gender diversity and equality.

Seize the opportunity to acquire this limited edition Trans Rights Are Human Rights book page print, autographed by the artist FOX, and contribute to a positive impact with your purchase today.

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