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20 Trans / LGBTQIA+ Stickers

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20 X custom cut vinyl stickers measuring 10 x 10 cm

The perfect stickers to make sure your voice is heard and queer and trans people remain visible. These stickers are designed in-house by Fox Fisher. Show your pride, resistance and allyship with unique trans designs.

Packs vary according to stock, and could include Be Someone Who Makes You Happy, Tigers For Trans Rights, Toads For Trans Rights, Trans Liberation Now, Trans Happiness Is Real, Respect My Pronouns, Trans Ally, Never Kissed A TERF, Trans Phoenix, Gender Is A Construct, Trans Rights, Happy Purrride, Be Proud Be Visible, Queer Space, Sexualitea, A Trans Ally Was Here, A Trans Person Was Here and more!

Great as a gift to yourself or a friend. Perfect to stick on your skateboard, notebook, car bumper or vacuum cleaner, among other places. See the images for some inspiration.

50% profit from these sticker packs go directly to My Genderation CIC, a non-profit creating content to educate and celebrate trans lives. Be sure to tag @mygenderation in socials!

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