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Lavender Menace Art Print

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Looking for something unique to brighten up your day? Check out this amazing Lavender Menace poster!

Did you know that lavender has a fascinating history in the LGBTQ+ community? 🏳️‍🌈💜 In the 1920s, "lavender boy" was a term used to insult gay men who were perceived as not being masculine enough.

Even Abraham Lincoln was once called "lavender" by a historian. For women, lavender became a symbol of lesbian visibility and inclusivity in the feminist movement. In 1970, activists disrupted a women's event wearing T-shirts that read "Lavender Menace" to protest discrimination against lesbians.

The crowd welcomed them with open arms, and in 1971, lesbian rights became a "legitimate concern of feminism." Let's celebrate the resilience and strength of our community's history with this cool 30cm x 42cm design that will add character to any space!

We're committed to sustainability and only use responsibly sourced materials like 100% recycled paper to help protect our natural world.

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