Trans Fashion Show

It's a bit like waiting for a bus. You wait forever, and then two show up at once! Having never been part of a catwalk show, I am part of two amazing shows this season. The first was LIFE, at London's City Hall with 30+ other trans people, to raise money for CliniQ. It was an incredibly powerful event.

I walked twice at the event: the first time in JUST a pair of skimpy turquoise speedos! (there seems to be no photographic evidence of this, just yet) The 2nd time was in evening attire:

You can still donate for this amazing trans focused health and well-being centre in Soho.

The 2nd show is the London Queer Fashion Show, where I'll be walking for The Lucky Club. You can get discounted tickets using the code: FOXF20

See you there!

Kiss My Genders

Kiss My Genders is a long running gender themed exhibition featuring queer, trans and intersex artists including the talented Travis Alabanza, Planningtorock and Del LaGrace Volcano. It includes subject matter from all over the world and is on until 8th September 2019.

At the Kiss My Genders exhibit, you'll find some of my stickers, t-shirts and books. You can expect a whole range of trans curated subject matter and loads of take-home treats, like screen prints and trans books also written by trans people.

You can order my Trans Ally shirt, Respect My Pronouns shirt, Trans Is Beautiful sticker packs and both books, the Trans Teen Survival Guide and Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?, the kid's book hated by the Daily Mail and gifted to Piers Morgan live on Good Morning Britain, can be found at the Hayward Gallery gift shop, at the Southbank Centre.

Kiss My Genders is a group exhibition celebrating more than 30 international artists whose work explores and engages with gender identity.

The exhibition has received multiple five-star reviews, including one from The Guardian praising that 'it touches, in profound ways, on what it is to be human'. Dubbed an 'enthralling exhibition with a crucial sense of activism' by the Evening Standard, Kiss My Genders is a 'trailblazing show' (The Telegraph) of 'dazzling works' (Metro). 

Spanning the past 50 years, Kiss My Genders brings together over 100 artworks by artists from around the world who employ a wide range of approaches to articulate and engage with gender fluidity, as well as with non-binary, trans and intersex identities.

Why There Is 81% Increase in Hate Crime

For those who were asking, here's my LIVE interview on BBC News about why there is an 81% increase in transphobic hate crime being reported.

No one should be persecuted based on their gender identity or gender expression. Hostility towards trans people is on the rise. It's not a surprise this is happening. From these numbers, it's clear that the UK has a serious problem with transphobia that urgently needs addressing.

This is partly facilitated through the media, which has been particularly hostile in the UK. Trans people are regularly framed as a danger or a threat to the wider population, similar to the climate around Section 28, where gay people were seen as a threat.

This has a knock on effect on public perceptions and increases the chance of violent action against trans people, particularly those who may be at the start of their transition, those who may not or may never have ‘passing privilege’ or are gender non conforming.

We should be creating a society where there is room for all of us regardless of our gender identity and expression.

Pride in Writing: An Evening With LGBTQ+ Authors

Recently Owl and I took part in an official Pride in London LGBT+ Panel Chat at Waterstone's Picadilly where we also did a book signing of the Trans Teen Survivial Guide. The Pride event was featuring 17 authors all published through Hachette.

Other panelists included Juno Roche, author of Queer Sex (which features myself and my partner Owl among other trans people), and CN Lester, author of Trans Like Me.

Hachette acquired diverse book publishers Jessica Kingley in 2018, which is how Juno Roche, Owl and I were asked to take part in the panel. This packed event was hosted by Stella Duffy.

TransAND Film Series

My Genderation is an ongoing film project which celebrates trans lives and trans experiences. In our brand new series, #TransAND, we visit with six amazing and diverse trans people living in the UK. Watch the entire series here.

Often society doesn’t see trans people beyond being trans, but this series will focus on what trans people are other than trans. They are trans AND… 

Charlie Martin is #TransAND racing driver, virgo, ambidextrous, cat owner, graphic designer, panssexual, travel lover, ninja warrior, explorer

Charlie Martin is a racing car driver that has just announced she will be training to compete at Le Mans 24 hour race. She is also known for making it to the finals in Ninja Warrior and is a public speaker on equality and diversity, and is Stonewall’s Sports Champion in motorsport. 

Kuchenga is #TransAND Writer, agitator, public speaker, daughter, sister, great friend.

Kuchenga is a prolific writer and public speaker, who writes on topics in response to pop culture and race. She writes articles for various platforms such as VICE and Vogue, and is currently working on her first full length novel, featuring a trans antagonist. 

Mridul is #TransAND a piscean, a mother, a wife, half-zuriasian, half-hindu, immigrant, runs a rape crisis centre, boss, feminist

Mridul is a feminist that has women’s aid movement for almost two decades, focusing on the rights of immigrant and migrant women. She is currently the manager of a rape crisis centre in Stirling, Scotland, and is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights.

Leo is #TransAND has cerebral palsy (CP), gay, diversity trainer, a model, dog lover and partner.

Leo is a diversity trainer that does trainings about disability and trans issues, as well as being a life model, and models at various universities, events and art festivals across the UK. He and his partner Alistair live together with their two dogs, Barkley and Tutti.

Maki is #TransAND a game developer, self-taught engineer, queer, composer, artist, mentor, night-owl

Maki is an all round self-confessed nerd, with a passion for coding and bringing old tech back to life as a way of being eco-friendly and not letting great tech end up in the skip. They are also a music composer and game developer. They currently live in Glasgow.

Paige is #TransAND a teenager, make-up artist, sister, daughter, dog owner, vlogger and fashionista. 

Paige struggled with her self-confidence after bullying in school for her weight and for being effeminate. After coming out at ag 12 as trans she has blossomed, and she has a real passion for helping people feel good about themselves regardless of their bodies, weight, sexuality or gender. She is visited by Charlie Craggs, owner of Nail Transphobia. 

Pride Is A Protest

To celebrate 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, I created this Pride Is a Protest design, which was used as part of an Everpress Pride collaboration to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust.

It's currently available for the next few weeks on Everpress, this time to raise funds for My Genderation, a non-profit company I co-founded, which makes trans related film content.

It was such a delight when I was asked if my illustration 'Pride Is A Protest’ would take over ad-space in NYC during #WorldPride, just by The Stonewall Inn.

I was invited to be part of a series of seven installations by LGBT+ artists whose work addresses LGBT+ topics to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the #StonewallRiots

Photo by Dusty Rebel of Pride Is A Protest illustration taking up AD space in NY

Being part of Art In Ad Places is unique because it provides a platform to 'sell' something much more real, to be able to reach people when they least expect it.

I chose to highlight that Pride Is A Protest because it's 50 years since the Stonewall Riots and in so many countries, people continue to be persecuted for their gender identity, expression, and their romantic preference.

A massive thanks to @queerstreetart @dustyrebel and @artinadplaces for giving a platform to queer / trans artists like myself.

Trans Teen Survival Guide

Our book was released in late 2018 and it's had a huge amount of interest and press including Refinery 29, Them, Pink News, Cosmopolitan, and Metro. We need your support because our book is now being attacked by transphobic bigots who rallied together on Mumsnet to write one star and two star reviews on our book, despite never having bought it. Please can you help by reporting these nasty reviews and perhaps consider writing your own? (This link benefits Mermaids charity if you decide to get it. Thank you so much!


Social Media, Friend or Foe? A talk by Fox & Owl

You can still book FREE tickets for our event for Brighton Voices: Social Media, Friend or Foe?

A multimedia presentation given by Fox and Owl Fisher followed by Q&A session

Social media is an undeniable force in today's world. With a large part of the global population connected on social media in various forms, experiences and stories can be shared in seconds – the online world is a commanding and influential communication channel for business and personal messaging. However, the impact of social media does not stop online. While online traffic may initially create a buzz around a person, product, or topic, the power of it will generate word of mouth advocacy and hype offline. But so often, social media brings out the very worst in people and gives hatred a platform.

Join Fox and Owl Fisher, award-winning filmmakers, writers and non-binary trans activists, to hear about their experiences both on- and offline. Fox graduated from the University of Brighton with an MA in Sequential Design & Illustration in 2005, and in 2017 they received an honorary doctorate from the university for their work in raising the awareness of trans issues and promoting arts in the media.

Brighton Voices is a series of special events showcasing the achievements and knowledge of our outstanding alumni and friends.

This event has been especially organised in collaboration with Brighton Students' Union and the UoB LGBT+ Staff Network as part of LGBT History Month.

Attendees are asked to consider making a donation (suggested amount £3) – these funds will be split between My Genderation and also LGBT+ network activities at the University of Brighton.

Trans People and Their Junk

We'd love for all trans people following us to take a part in a short survey that we just put out there. It's a survey about what trans people call their genitals and how they refer to them. Obviously a lot of trans people are uncomfortable with the conventional terms as their genitals sometimes do not feel right and might cause dysphoria. The reason we are collecting this is because we are finalising our book, The Trans Teen Survival Guide, and we were curious as to what words people were using. So please take a look and leave your responses for us!

My Genderation: Awards and Laurels

2017 was a really good year for My Genderation and the films we make about trans people. Our films have been accepted into a lot of amazing film festivals throughout the year and we are so happy and delighted that our films make it into film festivals and are shown around the world. This is exactly what My Genderation was created for - to be a positive voice and representation of trans people worldwide.

We also recently finished our first feature documentary about being non binary, titled I AM THEY. It covers our personal stories as a non binary couple, as well as us exploring a few different themes and challenges non binary people face in the UK and beyond. We have entered it into film festivals and we are really excited to see what happens and hopefully it will get accepted! You can watch the trailer below.