The film centres around us (Fox and Owl) who are a non binary couple. They discover different topics and challenges that non binary people face; from legal issues to language, from marriage to hate speech. The film also explores issues and topics faced by older non binary people, non binary youth, non binary people of colour and non binary people from across Europe.

This is the first feature length doc on trans issues by My Genderation (with a record of 60+ shorts over the past 6 years). What makes our films unique is they are created by trans people about trans people for a much wider audience.

I AM THEY is to be released late 2018. Our plan is to take this around a few film festivals (we’ve applied for 4 so far) first and hopefully it will have impact within film festivals and do well in that circuit.

Thanks to everyone featured and involved in the making of the documentary and a huge thanks to everyone who made it possible, everyone who came to the audience feedback screening, all the wonderful trans people out there making the world a better place and the ones who have come before us. Thanks to all who originally supported the making of the documentary ‘Fox & Owl Can’t Get Married’, of which some of the footage (Illuminate films) was incorporated into I AM THEY, a much bigger (and hopefully more impactful) film.